Bingo Addiction Leads to Jail Time for British Manager

Bingo Addiction Leads to Jail Time for British Manager

Elizabeth Sutton, A british management manager, recently pled guilty to stealing £73,566 ($112,556) in order to invest in her online gambling habit, and ended up being sentenced by the courts to higher than a 12 months and a half behind bars.

Sutton stole the amount of money from her employer, Camelot Automotive, so as to continue her online bingo addiction between December 2009 and August 2011. As a result of the theft, the continuing future of Camelot Automotive was placed in jeopardy, combined with jobs of all of the employees with the company have been not offered any pay raises for two years. In fact, the company directors reportedly had to inject a number of their money that is own just keep the business enterprise afloat.

Sole Control of Company’s Publications

Timothy Harrington, prosecutor in the hearing, explained that Sutton ended up being hired at Camelot Automotive in 2005 as the business’s management manager,and ended up being given complete and sole control over the finances of the small firm. Obviously, this had been an error in judgment, which the business only just lived to regret from the noise of it.

Sutton diverted funds from the company into two of her own personal bank accounts in the place of paying creditors, and then proceeded to gamble away the money on bingo, which she obviously was not very proficient at winning.

Creditors Unpaid

The owner of the ongoing company became aware that &poun Continue reading “Bingo Addiction Leads to Jail Time for British Manager”